Arwen Bardsley is a wellbeing practitioner who delves into the broader and deeper levels of health and wellbeing and is the founder of Evenstar Wellbeing. She explores how science and nature are always at work in alternative health and wellbeing.

Arwen specialises in looking at underlying causes (including metaphysical anatomy and epigenetics), preventative health and energetic balance on all levels.

Where did your interest in health and wellbeing start?

It started from my mum collapsing in the kitchen when I was 8-years-old. She then battled with the autoimmune disease lupus, for the rest of my childhood and used many different alternative health approaches along with the allopathic medical regime.

I considered studying medicine when I was in high school but I hated chemistry! I started a Naturopathy degree in my twenties but got side-tracked by having a family. Then in my forties, I finally chose to follow what is a true calling for me.

What made you start your own business?

A strong desire to have my own practice so that I could do things my way. I am also a single parent so being able to work from home has been beneficial for the last few years but I am now looking to move outside of my home so that I can develop better referral networks and just have exposure to a lot more people.

How do you help people find balance?

My consultations involve a holistic wellbeing consultation so I discuss with my clients everything that they do (or don’t do!) to look after themselves – diet, exercise, sleep, and their head-space. Reiki is energy which works on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – so wherever someone has an imbalance, the reiki will work to bring balance back.

I focus my work on the 7 chakras (energy centres), working out where imbalance lies here before beginning the reiki. It is critical that people understand that they are the only ones who can heal themselves and that they need to take appropriate action and make appropriate change if they want to bring balance back into their lives.

What kind of things have you helped people to overcome?

Stress, anxiety, grief, fertility problems, lack of groundedness, physical pain, lack of mental clarity, fatigue, emotional instability.

How important is it for business people achieve balance?

So important! If it is your own business then you are it! If you choose to have an imbalanced life because your sole focus is growing your business then at some point, there will be a cost to your wellbeing. This cost is bound to be higher than the cost of taking a little time out of your business to exercise, to make sure you eat well, to get enough sleep, to have some fun and to meditate. Also, it is usually beneficial to step away from something in order to gain some clarity, develop ideas and be creative.

What advice/treatment would you give to people struggling with self-belief?

Problems with self-belief are usually associated with the 3rd Chakra, the Solar Plexus. I would provide them with reiki of course! Self-belief is also associated with the Heart and Central meridians (energy pathways) so I may provide some energetic stimulation of these as well using acupressure techniques or simply ‘running’ the meridians.

I would talk through with them what they felt were the underlying causes of their struggle, but only if they wanted to do this. I would suggest using essential oils (which would vary depending on the particular case) but the mint oils are energising and motivating and the citrus oils are uplifting.

How have you overcome personal challenges to continue helping people?

Starting my business involved overcoming personal challenges as a single mum – challenges of financial risk and instability but also great benefits of flexibility! Because I would like to help more people than just those who I can see on an individual basis, I have had to overcome my own fears of putting myself ‘out there’ and started doing FB videos, lives and then working with a PR guru to spread the wellbeing word even further!

Find out more about Arwen and Evenstar Wellbeing here.

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