Claus Stig Christensen is an entrepreneur who turned his love for classic cars into his career by setting up the classic car hire platform BookAclassic.

Based on the popular sharing economy model, BookAclassic allows car owners to make money from their classic cars by renting them out for weddings, photoshoots, proms and other events.

Back when Claus was a poor student he didn’t have the money to store his Vespa over the winter so he decided to offer it up to fashion stores for window displays. This is where the concept of BookAclassic was born and the use of classic vehicles in advertising, film and television still remains a popular market on the site.

What inspired you to become self-employed? 

Being self-employed was never a goal in itself for me. But I realised I was much better at what I do if it was built on my passions and interests. There was no job that offered this si I started on my own.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to set up their own business?

Think twice and be sure. It is hard work, hard work and hard work. Starting your own business is similar to Darwin’s survival of the fittest, only the best will succeed. At the same time, it can be so rewarding. It’s just like having a kid you can be proud of that you get to see grow!

Who do you consider an inspirational business person and why?

Steve Jobs, who founded Apple as he once said: “The people that are crazy enough to think they can change the world… are the ones that actually change the world!”

The BookAclassic goal is to change the small classic car hire niche and take it to a whole new level.

Do you think anyone can do anything they put their mind to? Why?

Yes, I do. The limits of what we can accomplish are often in our own head. Drop the limits in your head, start dreaming big then go for it!

What do you think are the ingredients to a successful business?

Hard work is so important. It does all pay off but you have to work for it. It’s also important find a niche that you love and are good at while believing in what you do. Many business owners go at it alone but I think it’s important to listen to others’ input.

Finally, it’s important to inspire others to join you and build a winning team! While it’s possible to succeed alone, we’re all better as a team.

How important is community to BookAclassic?

Community is important to every business and because BookAclassic is founded on a passion for classic cars, it’s something we value greatly. This passion is shared all around the world by many people and we’ve built a growing community on that basis.

If you’re interested in hiring a classic car or listing yours on the site, visit

BookAclassic recently travelled to Malta for a special conference. If you’re interested in finding out more about the brand (and catching a glimpse of some classic vehicles in Malta) watch Claus talk more about BookAclassic in the video below.

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